Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Baking Extravaganza

So, I am changing my life style for the better, I am eating healthy foods, exercising daily, drinking lots of water.....but sometimes I just can't help myself, and the baking itch begins. The result? In the 2-3 weeks I have been back in Manhattan I have baked carrot cake, 2 batches of brownies, 2 batches of corn bread, snack bars, cookies, crumbles, etc. This comes from a combination of watching too much food network, having loads of cookbooks around, and reading food blogs. Lucky for me I have plenty of people to eat them and get them out of the house...except for the cornbread. The cornbread is mine! Muhahhahaahaaaaaaaaa!

Anyways, I have decided that since I have so many recipes and pictures I am going to start posting them. I hope that they will add a little fun and inspiration to the blog, as far as cooking is concerned. I also hope to chronicle more healthy recipes in the future, but for now these will have to suffice!

P.S. Here is a picture of Max and I at the FT. Wayne Childrens Zoo. Since Max is usually my partner in cooking crime, I thought it was high time he got a picture on the blog. Isn't he cute! <3

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  1. The cornbread may be 'hers' but I sure do eat a lot of it. ;)