Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Two Failures...and a Couple of Dissapointments.

It's always disappointing when recipes don't work out. I've had a couple so far this summer that just didn't come close to working. So I chronicling them here for future reference. I also would like to include two recipes that just didn't work out for me. One was for Carrot cake cupcakes. The recipe was supposed to be the best carrot cake ever. For me it was far to oily. The recipe called for 1 1/2 cups which made the cupcakes sink in the middle, and saturated the cupcake liners. What I took from those muffins is, even if someone is older and wiser than you when it comes to food, doesn't mean you should go against your instincts. Perhaps the recipe was good for this person, but especially for me, the oil was way too much. I plan to try a different recipe soon, and I hope to have better results.

The second recipe was for Hummus. It was good, but not the best I had ever tasted. It was the same as most commercial hummus, which now that I think about it is probably why it was the "Best Hummus ever Made". SO perhaps it's just my misconception. Anyways, on to my personal failures.

The first were the above brownies. They were Peanut Butter Banana Brownies. The one problem, I used banana flavoring instead of real bananas. The real bananas would have made these brownies excellent. They were too small and the banana flavoring came out light and odd. So next time, a layer of real banana or some mashed banana in the batter.

The next recipe was for oatmeal lace cookies, which were supposed to be tiny, crispy, morsels. They were, to date, the hardest thing I have ever tried to make. I mixed them up, put them on the sheet, and they came out like this.

I had to scrape them off the foil, and destroyed them in the process. The edges lifted well enough but the middle was so soft that the cookies fell into a million tiny pieces. Max still liked the taste though! So the next batch I made extra small, because I thought maybe they just needed to be cooked really dry.

They came out a bit better, but some still cracked in the middle. Which was the same for the last batch as well. Boo. I really don't know what went wrong. Hopefully in the future I can figure it out and make these like they were supposed to be.

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