Monday, August 30, 2010

Surgery, Anesthesia, and Sore Muscles.

Today was our second day in surgery lab. The topic of the day was understanding anesthesia equipment. Let me tell you, it makes loads of sense while it's being explained to you, but afterward it's as if your brain has been wiped clean of all knowledge. Any inkling of an idea you might have had when you were listening has suddenly been replaced with stone cold confusion. After figuring a few things out, and learning the basics I still felt like I knew absolutely nothing. I feel like I have watched countless people perform anesthesia in the past as if it was as simple as well, breathing! Turn a knob here, adjust a rate there and everything is peachy. I am sure however, that if I tried to do it my patient would blow up like a balloon and be found somewhere in the vicinity of the ceiling. Sigh. So tonight I am planning on reading the anesthesia book. Of course I also need to review all of my other class notes for Med 2, Zoo Med, Food Animal Med, Toxicology and Diagnostic Path. Plus I have a club meeting at 5:30. Bleeurghhh!!!

Ahhh but enough about school stress, lets talk about muscle stress. Ouch! My muscles are really sore from working out yesterday, partially due to intensity, partially due to a lack of drinking water today, since I left my water bottle at home. I'm having a hard time standing, let alone running or exercising. I guess I will just have to hydrate tonight and hope for the best tomorrow. Until then it's study time.

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