Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chin up, Chin up, Everybody Loves a Happy Face!

I am back on the happy train again! I am studying (well, I'm taking a break now of course!) and exercising, and I am convinced I can eat healthfully from now on. I am also trying to figure out why my blood sugars have been off lately, but that is a different post. I think sometimes I just need an attitude adjustment, and the best way to do that for me is to stop focusing on myself and focus on other people, or goals. For instance I made cookies for Max's roommate because he was worried about his upcoming test and he was very excited about them. Then I took the rest to school for people to eat, and everyone loved them. That certainly boosted my mood, and not because everyone was complimentary about them, just because sometimes I think college students miss home, and what better way to help them feel at home and remind them of all those wonderful homey things than to make cookies?

So what about goals? What about doing something fun? Yesterday I went to the Large Animal Vet and helped him vaccinate calves! It was a great learning experience and I think he may have appreciated the help, as it took us about 5 hours to vaccinate 85 calves! Being out in the Kansas sun, with rolling grassy slopes, wild flowers and trees was great, and really helped boost my mood. I also got to learn about Large animal medicine. Something I am really interested in, and have been considering pursuing as a career! So that was great!
I am working on keeping these things in mind to prevent relapses of moody sadness. I hate being sad, then Max feels sad, I get sadder, and then forget what I am working toward and just mope around like a slug in a winter garden. So back to feeling good, working hard and striving to improve myself.

P.S. All creatures need to do what's fun and relaxing, so one of my other goals is to do something fun daily! Whether it's taking a mud bath at Warrior Dash, hanging out with friends, or just taking a nice long nap!

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  1. Way to go, Katie! Good advice to live by - I'll have to remember it for myself.