Twitch The Hedgehog

Twitch is the first pet I have officially cared for myself for any long period of time. I bought her when she was about 2 months old from a pet store. The owner actually picked her for me because she was one of many and he wanted me to have a girl (girls are supposedly more friendly, but in my experience this is basically dependent on how much time you spend socializing and playing with your hedgehog). Thus began a wonderful journey of friendship and love. Here are some pictures of my lovely Hedgehog.

 This is where Twitch lives. It is a very large Christmas tree storage box that I bought at Wal-Mart. Obesity is a big problem in pet Hedgehogs so they need lots of exercise. Twitch loves running around her big space. She also has an exercise wheel (Note the solid bottom so her feet do not get caught), a tunnel, and a burrowing bag. I did have her on some soft papery bedding, but our Exotic Animal Medicine teacher told us it was best to just have plain newspaper. If you do use newspaper I would advise bathing your hedgehog more often. The ink on the newspaper tends to rub off on Twitch's fur and turn her tummy gray, unless she is bathed once a week or so.
 Twitch burrowing on my bed. I try to mix up her environment so she doesn't get bored. She likes riding in my hoody or purse, so occasionally I take her shopping. You should see her nose go when we are at the grocery!
 This is my Exotic Animal Medicine book. It's really helpful when I have general hedgehog questions. Most other things I can find online at various hedgehog web sites. :)
 The cats really don't know what to think of Twitch. They have expressed curiosity, but seem more interested in drinking her water and trying her food. I have never seen any of them try to bite or harm her, so I think they get the idea that she is spiky, and not to be trifled with.