Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Relaxing out of Necessity...

My brain hurts. Sure I could say my head hurts, but really I think it's my brain. It was happily floating around in my skull, thinking up recipes, smelling delicious smells, tasting delicious alcohol, reading wonderful books, and then all of the sudden...WHAP!!! It was suddenly thrown into a dark room, tied to a chair, and made to look into a bright light for 5-8 hours a day. And while my poor little brain was trying to comprehend what had happened it was tied up to a lot of other little brains in various states of confusion. These poor little brains were all stuffed full of information that seemed to come from nowhere at all and by the end of the first week they were so exhausted they could barely move the bodies that they lived in.

So today, after limping out to my car, and nearly getting into a car accident on my way home I decided a break from school was necessary. I tried to convince myself I had to start studying, but I knew if I did my poor brain would just give in and wind up whimpering in a dark corner. So I got home, put on my PJs, made some popcorn , and turned on Barefoot Contessa. I plan to watch through dinner and then, when my brain is restored, begin easing into studying. I have all night and the next three afternoons to catch up. I need to concentrate on learning, not grades, and keep my goal of being a good vet in mind.

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