Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Standard New Year Resolutions Post

Happy New Year every one! It's hard to believe it's January, and soon I will be 26! Old woman already, sheesh! The sad thing about turning 26 is that it really does make me feel old. Couple that with the fact that everyone else in the whole world seems to be either engaged, married, or having kids, and it's like, "Well pook! I'm going to die old and alone with a miserable, dry expanse of wasted life behind me." If you haven't noticed by now I have a real flare for the dramatic. My brain pretty much takes a normal event and expands it on a log scale to catastrophic proportions. Yeah. Luckily I have a lot of good friends and family in my life to help keep me grounded.

So, as everyone else is doing, I am posting my new years resolutions. I always try to make them challenging and amazing. Huge life changing goals!!! Then I fail, and sadly, don't care, because I just think, "Phht! That was stupidly impossible to do, I should know better." SO this year, we are making them doable! That doesn't mean they aren't important, but hopefully they will be little steps that make a difference in my life.


Exercise 3 times a week
- It's a classic!

Keep my room/Twitch clean - No more piles of laundry/books/papers! If my room is clean I feel much better about my life. Plus it will help me stay organized for school.

Have a spectacular last Spring Break - I have never had a fun Spring Break. I fantasize about doing the classic college Caribbean cruise with all of my friends, but alas that seems to be an unreachable dream. Max and I however are thinking about going somewhere cool, so if anyone has suggestions on cheap/exciting Spring Break locations please post it!

Study hard - If I study as hard as I did this past finals week I'll be getting B's for sure!!!

Start being selective about my thoughts - My mind is very easily distracted. Usually I have a montage of at least three worrisome things running through my head. I need to try to focus more on one thing at a time and remain calm when things get tough.

Read for Fun - I really miss reading for fun, and with a stack of about 25 books to read for fun, I need to get on it. By the way, if you like to read and are prone to impulse buying books, you should probably stay away from Half Price Books. OMG!!! Best store ever!!! I got so many cool books!!! I am very excited about all of them, I may list them later.

I feel those are all achievable, and will benefit me! So, I encourage you to make some easy goals, and pat yourself on the back as you accomplish them!!! Happy New Year!


  1. Read for fun. I'm with you. I used to be all over that and now I've got to think about making myself do it. Sad, sad world.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Why were you awake at 6:45 New Year's Day? I think you should add "Sleep In Occasionally" to you list. Other than that, great goals!