Monday, January 17, 2011

My Favorite Boys: Mighty Max !!!

Behold my wonderful boyfriend!!! This is the man that keeps me out of trouble (generally), picks me up when I fall down, and supports all of my craziness (Sometime participating himself.). Before we started going out I was pretty emotionally distressed. I was probably at the lowest point in my life actually. Max came along and helped me see that I did have value, as myself. The great thing is he didn't even have to try extra hard to do this, he just did it because he is a superb fellow. I can't brag enough about him, so lets move on.

Isn't he handsome!!! He is also a talented chef, D&D player, all around tech genius, writer, barrista, artist, music aficionado (Rock, not classical, as most people think), traveler, and soon to be Veterinarian. Did I mention he sings? Oh yeah, he's awesome!

And all the animals love him too!

And even though it's against his "No animals on the furniture" policy, I think he enjoys having the cats around to cuddle with.

And he likes playing with the dogs. He can run almost as fast as they can, so he can wear them out pretty quickly! :)

Max always laughs at my crazy jokes and shenanigans. Yay!!! We can be quite crazy when put together, as we both tend to have a darker side to our humor. Most people think Max is very prim and proper. Hahaahaaaaahahaaahaaaaa!!! No! While Max is polite and friendly with a lot of knowledge he is quite laid back, and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, being lazy, or acting crazy.

He also willingly (?) goes along with the posing for all the photo ops, even if he is too tall to fit in some of them. :)

Here is Max being an engineer, just like his dad. He has a really close relationship with his family which I think is really important! His family is really great, and they always make me feel welcome and happy when I go visit them. They are fun and adventuresome, classy and tough, and all in all a great group of people.

Max is an Eagle Scout, and like me he enjoys being outside hiking, camping, and kayaking. He started college when he was 15, because he got bored in high school, and studied abroad in Scotland for a whole year. We hope to do more traveling together in the future.

So that is a snap shot of Max! He is my inspiration to be both myself and a better self, and I am very happy he is traveling down the same road as I am, and decided to walk with me.

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