Thursday, April 29, 2010


The problem with trying to live a normal life in vet school, is that by the time you get done with school, get home, and sit down to eat dinner, you already feel like you've wasted too much study time. The same goes for shopping, socializing, exercising, relaxing, even showering! Sometimes after a night of late studying all you want to do is hit the snooze button and go back to sleep for another precious half hour. The downside of course is, then you have to go to school greasy and dirty. Luckily all bets are off during finals week. You would think everyone had suddenly decided to join the softball team, with all of the baseball caps people wear to cover up dirty hair. Everyone gets stressed, everyone gets bloated and sickened with all the information crammed down their throats so that they can try to maintain their grades, or get the last 5 extra points they need to pass. Most people get 4 hours of sleep or less each night/morning. Tears, anxiety, frustration, and anger are high, and everyone dreams of the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday when they can sleep uninhibited for the 12-14 hours it takes to catch up on all the rest they lost.
Honestly, I think finals week is unnecessary. I really think there could be a way that people could spread the finals out over two weeks, like they are in two of our classes this semester. One real blessing is that all of the teachers are willing to help ease the burden. Very few of our exams are completely cumulative, at the most only half of some of them are, and the new material is only about 4 lectures since it is late in the semester. So far I think the worst 2 finals will be Medicine and virology. Simply because Medicine is cardiology, which I feel I know nothing about,even after paying attention and taking notes in class every day. Virology will be hard because I will probably only have one night to study it well. Thank goodness half of it will be over Vesicular diseases, Foot and Mouth disease, Rabies and Blue Tongue, all of which we have either studied in another class or been exposed to in some other form (pun intended!). Tomorrow is our last exam before finals start, then I will be heading straight to Africa. EEEEEKKKK!!!!

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