Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Test Day Come and Gone

Well the Medicine test went ok. I actually felt like I knew quite a lot more than what I previously thought. That does not mean the test went well, but as long as I passed I will be fine. Usually I get into a funk mid semester and all my studying goes down the tubes. Then I realize I had better get back on track if I actually want to become a veterinarian some day.

I got my second Hepatitis vaccine today for Africa! One more appointment and then I should be good to go! We have our tickets, our itinerary, and hostel all booked. I am really excited! I have been to Egypt, and now I will be in South Africa! Two separate ends of the same continent. Maybe some day I'll get to see the middle too! Luckily most of the animals I love are in South Africa, Anteaters, Aardvarks, Honey Badgers, Hyenas, Wild Dogs...I can't wait!!!

On the other hand I will be very busy this summer, I have 2 mentorships to complete and I have to get in shape for the Warrior Dash. Anyways, now it's time for TV and relaxation!

P.S. Picture is not mine, I just like it a lot! :)

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