Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stars of the Show!!!

Sotoday was the open house for the vet school. As usual I took Twitch in for the visitors to see. She was so perfect! She let people touch her sides and face, and pet her, she was still when they held her. She even was calm when a little boy began petting her aggressively (Petting her like you would a German Shepherd or some other large dog). I think things went better this year because I made sure to ive her little breaks throughout the time we were there. She had time to nap or relax and regroup for the next round of awe and affection. She also won second place in the Pet Show for most unique trait. First place went to a kitty named Tonto who was born with genetic defects that make it very difficult for him to walk. He is missing toe bones, and ankle bones on his front legs and his back legs both have fusion of the ankle joint, so he hops like a bunny. He is super cute and a very relaxed cat. A perfect example of what I should strive to become.

After the open house was over we went to Dairy Queen and everyone was getting Blizzards. I didn't want to feel left out so I felt like I had to get one, even though I knew it would be bad for me health wise. I found the one with the lowest calories (440!!! More than my usual meals!!!) and even though I knew I shouldn't I ate the whole thing, which led to me being in a funk for he rest of the afternoon because I knew that it was a bad decision, and that things like that are the exact reason why I can't lose weight. I know if I can learn to control my eating habits things will get better, but I don't want to have to feel controlled because I am afraid I will rebel later and go crazy like the first time I started binge eating. Ugghhh. So I have been sad all afternoon, and trying to study when distracted and depressed is like trying to slog through 25 miles of muddy bog. After awhile you just want to roll up in a ball and quit.

The worst part is poor Max has been trying to cheer me up, and since it hasn't been working I feel I am making him depressed. Then I imagine he is going to get sick of my bipolar emotional fits and break up with me since I am so depressing all the time. Sigh.

Happily my brother posted a new video to his blog, which was quite funny and has helped make me feel better. Our humor is so ridiculous, I really have no idea where we get it from. Hopefully I can get some serious studying done tonight and be prepared to put in serious work tomorrow, because as of now I am not going to do well on my test this Monday.

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