Saturday, September 11, 2010

Toga! Toga! Toga!

This Friday was awesome!!! It was my first ever Toga Party, and we had a blast!!! Everyone came over to our house at 6:00 for pizza. Max and I manned the cooking . We made six pizzas of various types, everything from plain pepperoni to garlic brie with onions and tomatoes (Who new brie could be so good on a pizza?). We watched Big Bang Theory, ate and talked. Michelle brought her boyfriend and his cousin, who we had been waiting to meet for awhile, and Iris and Evan came as well. Then there was the usual crowd of JACK (Jenna, Adrian, Christine, Katie), Max, Derek, Ann, and Elizabeth. After our beer and pizza all the girls went upstairs to get dressed. Michelle graciously dressed all of us, as we had no idea what we were doing when it came to pinning/draping our togas, and then we all went about accessorizing and fixing our hair. Even the boys got into the spirit and dressed up! By the time we finished getting ready it was about 9:00, so we all piled into our cars and took off!

The party was being put on by four of our classmates/friends, and luckily it was only a 10 minute ride to their house. At the house the living room had been cleared of furniture,except for the sound system table, there were black lights everywhere, and the garage had the keg and Beer Pong Tables. I was the DD so no beer for me! That was ok though, because I just really wanted to dance! After greeting our hosts we mingled for a bit, before heading in to the living room. Once there we danced and sang along to the music for about 2.5 hours! We snapped lots of pictures and the only mishap was that my toga began to fall. Yep you heard right, it began to fall off! I guess I was dancing a bit too much because suddenly I felt the bottom layer twist awkwardly around my legs so I could barely move! Luckily the marvelous Michelle had brought extra pins with her, and she took me n the pantry to rewrap me. We thought I was good to go, but unfortunately, the same thing happened again! Back to the pantry we went. This time Michelle changed the whole Toga design, and it ended up looking great and staying firmly secured the rest of the night. Finally we all decided to go to the bars, so at 12:00 we all piled back into the cars and took off for Aggieville.

When we got to Aggievville, we went to the "Vet school bar", Kite's. There we jam packed ourselves on to the dance floor and managed to get a bit of dancing done. While there I actually saw Max's roommate, several guys from a highlighter party and lots of older vet students. It was nice to see that the seniors actually do get out once in awhile. After an hour of dancing we went to Daylight Donuts, and even though they weren't open (They changed their hours) the man let us in and sold us a huge box for $8.00. I allowed myself one doughnut and several doughnut holes, which worked out very well since my blood sugar was low! Many people were excited by the fact that we had both Togas and doughnuts and we got comments all the way back to the car!

We finally made it home and changed into our pjs. Christine wanted pizza so we made one more pepperoni pizza and some garlic bread. Then we all sat down to watch Big Bang Theory again , before falling into bed.

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