Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lab Diagnostics FTW!!!

Today is Lab Diagnostics day. Every Tuesday afternoon Max and I go to our lab, listen to a lecture on blood, urine, etc. and then perform the tasks they require us to do. It is a very satisfying class because it proves that you actually know something concrete. Last semester I was convinced that our Clinical Pathology course would do that, alas, Clin Path only confused and befuddled me. So when I heard we had Lab Diagnostics I was minorly horrified, sure I was doomed to another semester of feeling like an idiot. Happily this is not the case. Lab Diagnostics is all about seeing, doing and understanding. Not memorizing and interpreting strange blood data sheets. I get to apply things and it helps me learn what I need to know for this class and it helps me learn what I should have learned last semester. Today is a relatively short lecture and then we have to stain a slide, do a CBC, and do microhematocrit and total protein. I learned how to do all of that when I was in undergrad, so hopefully we will get out early and I can get some extra things done this afternoon....like that pesky surgery reading I have had to put off, or that Medicine homework that needs doing, or....well you get the idea.

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