Friday, July 23, 2010

Weight Loss Weekly

Healthy living is enjoyable! I love the feeling of making good healthy decisions. I have been trying so hard, so long to lose weight for the wrong reasons. Now that I am finally trying to get healthy for the right reasons it is far easier than it was in the past. It took visiting Max's family in Reno to help me realize how much I missed eating vegetables, fruit and lean meat. It took time for me to realize that trying to stick to a strict exercise routine was not for me. Now I am eating healthy foods I enjoy, I exercise how I want every day, and I take walks for fun and health! It is really refreshing.
I was very gratified to learn when I returned from vacation that I actually lost weight! At least 5 lbs! So last Monday I weighed myself and I weighed 171 lbs. My goal is to be 165 lbs. by August 21st. Hopefully the weight will begin coming off easily, I am drinking more water and tea, staying active and trying to be conscious of my decisions. Good news! I am not starving myself like I used to! I am eating well, and exercising. I am remaining under maintenance and endeavoring to build muscle when I can. The next goal is to keep active even after school starts, and keep planning ahead with meals so that I can eat healthfully throughout the school year! I'll post my new weight after the weekend!!!

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