Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pleasant Mornings???

Reno is a great place to visit! This year the temperature is good, and we leave our windows open at night instead of using the air conditioning. During the day the sun is hot, hot, hot! We have been staying in most afternoons though, reading or interneting. At night we have been eating outside and walking the dogs, which is really pleasant as there is a park nearby that is just the right distance. The mornings have been a bit intense though.

The jogging has been coming along. I can run 10 minutes before wheezing, so there is still plenty of room to improve, I feel confident though that I can at least finish Warrior Dash, especially if I really work hard when I get back to Kansas. It's been pretty tough though, and I am usually dizzy the rest of the day after running. Anyways, other than that the mornings have been good. We are staying at Max's house, and it is really pretty. In the morning the sun comes in and makes everything soft and beautiful. The garden in the back is wonderful and bursting with produce, and Max's family is really awesome. Now if only I had Twitch here.

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