Friday, December 10, 2010

One Down, Four To Go!

One final is done! Goodbye Toxicology!!! Yay!!! Don't get me wrong, Toxicology is a very important class, and I did enjoy learning about it, but grades really put a wrench in things. The more I worry about grades the less I learn, and I have to worry about grades because in vet school a D means you fail out entirely, so of course my grades are terrible (C's and B's) and I am constantly panicking. It's only after the dust settles from the tests that I actually feel like I can learn something.
So yeah, I feel like school is not a learning experience, just a hoop I have to jump through to start learning. I am pretty sure that the only reason I feel this way is because I get poor grades. I bet if I was getting A's and B's I would be perfectly happy with school. Instead I just look at school as something terrible and impossible, and wish that I could have worked harder or gotten rid of all these emotional issues before getting here. I'm sure in another dimension I am getting all A's. I probably have a job in the vet school, am the president of 3 clubs, and am super hot. People ask me questions that I know the answers to and all the teachers love me. People can tell I am capable of making my own decisions and I feel capable and mature. Sadly that is not how it is in this dimension, and this is the only one I know. I guess I'll just have to make the best of it.
The next Final is Zoo med on Monday (Yay!!!), then surgery (*death*), then Food Animal (*flinch*) lets hope I can make it through all right and not fail out! Anyone who is of the prayerful persuasion please say a prayer for me as I struggle through this last week of the semester. Oh! Also, please keep my good friend Danger in your prayers too! Danger has some Mast Cell Tumors on his ear and is getting surgery this week, so please send good things his way!!!


  1. You and Danger are both going to pull through.

  2. Katie! You are amazing and you will get through not only this semester, but next semester and then you will be able to finally have clinics where grades do not matter and I am sure you will shine! Thank you for your thoughts about Danger, he will pull through not only because we have amazing surgeons and oncologists here, but also because he has a whole house full of people and pets that love him!