Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Made It!!!

Yay!!! I'm finally done with this horrible semester!!! Our last grade got turned in today, and I managed to pass all of my classes!!! Wheewww. What a relief. Now I can start next semester fresh, and not have to worry about passing. Instead I will just do well! Yay!!!!! As of now I am enjoying a celebratory glass of wine! Deeelicious.

In other news, it is almost Christmas, and my efforts have been thwarted once more. I had ordered some nice K-State fleeces for my family and instead of five, I only got three! Noooo! I may or may not have misunderstood the web site and ordered too few. This is what the sign said:
Hopefully I did not misunderstand, but if I did, I will have to order more, which means a few people will be getting IOUs on Christmas. Boo.

Christmas break will be interesting this year. I have two weeks off before school starts again. In that two weeks I will do the following: go to the dentist, go to the eye doctor, find a new Diabetes doctor in Kansas, celebrate Christmas with my Mom at home, celebrate Christmas with my Dad and Step mom in Chicago, celebrate my birthday with my family at home, celebrate my birthday with my friends at school.....and do a million other things that I have wanted to do all semester but haven't had time for. However, that's good news for you because it means more cookie recipes, more blogging, and more stories of me watching my brother play video games. Oooh! How exciting. In case you're interested he is currently playing Ghost Busters and Bayoneta, both on X-Box. He just got done playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC, which I missed, sadly , due to school. If you are wondering if I play video games the answer is no, unless it's an RPG. Poke'mon and Nintendo were as far as I got, and of course simple Wii games. Any other games I inevitably end up failing at because I'm a button masher. I panic and start mashing every button on the controller, hoping to keep myself alive long enough to win the match. I also stand up and jump around wildly, moving my arms around in a vain attempt to make my character do what I want. Alas, it never works out. I lose and feel stupid for getting so excited.

Anywho.... I miss Max already. I can't wait to see him again! I almost cried when I left the airport. *Sniff* However, he is having loads of fun at home with his family, playing games, cooking, shopping, etc. so I am glad that he got to go home for Christmas.

That about ends my day long ramblings. I am throwing in some pictures I drew for fun, One is Max and I and the other is Christine and Tas. Enjoy! Tomorrow there will be a cookie recipe up. Yay!!!

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