Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wineing and Whining

Last night we took a break and had some wine, and watched TV. Christine made a coconut cream pie, which turned out fabulous, and I made cupcakes. I drank about 2 1/2 glasses of wine, which isn't that much, but it certainly made it hard to get up this morning. I really like wine, but I hate the fact that I always feel i've drunk too much. When if I have 1 glass I feel guilty about it. Part of that is probably because my family worries that I will become a drunk, the other part because every health web site says you shouldn't drink often. I used to not drink at all. All through college I never drank anything, then when I got to vet school I started to realize if I didn't drink I was never going to fit in, or be able to socialize very well. It really is a nice feeling to be uninhibited to some degree. When I drink it usually isn't enough to get more than tipsy, but that is just enough to make me feel better about myself. Sad but true.

In other news clin path went poorly. I ended up with a 65%, which makes my overall grade a 76% in the class. I really hate that class so much! For the life of me I cannot learn a thing well. I love our teacher, i'm interested in the material, I just can't learn anything from the notes. It's one of the biggest disconnects I've ever had. I have to start studying for the final today. I also have to pound medicine in pretty well, clean my room, and workout. Lots to do, and yet I still want Max to stay and hang out. Sigh. 2 weeks of school left.

P.S. Picture is not mine.

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